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Part of the charm of Flinders Island is its size - with only 900 permanent residents, you’re never going to feel overwhelmed by crowds. That also means lodgings are limited and we advise that you book well in advance to avoid missing out. Flinders Island accommodation ranges from self-catered cottages to luxury resorts to budget-friendly campgrounds - all showcasing the island’s stunning natural beauty.



Local cuisine is an essential, and often the most memorable, part of any travel experience and Flinders Island is no exception. While the guest chefs will be creating island-inspired dishes for the Festival’s signature lunch, there are also many other dining options available or discover local producers and create your own island feast.



Bring your sense of adventure with you to Flinders Island as there’s so much to explore and experience. Enjoy a breathtaking scenic flight, snorkel in pristine waters, walk through the wilds or relax with a massage - it’s all on offer on the island, you just need to find the “island time” to do it.